Bogna M. Konior works across a broad range of fields, from media and advertising, to art and culture curation, to academic research and teaching. Her focus is on how media, culture and technology interact with sweeping social and environmental changes. Her main interest lies in technological solutions to environmental problems, and the role that media and culture play in communicating and imagining planetary crisis. 

She is the Media and Technology editor at the Hong Kong Review of Books and the director of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Asia. She holds a Research Masters in Media Studies, a PhD in Cultural Analysis and was a visiting researcher in Media and Culture at the ICON Center for the Humanities at the University of Utrecht. Her recent work in media cultures and the Anthropocene is published in Transformations: Journal of Media and Culture and forthcoming in PostMemes from Punctum Press. Her curatorial and collaborative work exploring the intersection of culture, technology and ecology has been exhibited internationally.

Contact: bognakonior at gmail dot com


March 18 Comparative Literature Association, Annual Meeting, Los Angeles. Sick Women, Planetary Vulnerability and the Politics of Pain, panel organizer. Presentation on political practices inherent in visualizing climate data in contemporary media.

May 18 Article in Identities on news media, reporting on catastrophe, and post-Soviet politics in contemporary Poland.

May 18 'Collapse or Cohabitation: Animals, Industrial Ecologies and the Future of Virtual Reality.' Talk at Data and Society, NYC. Collaboration with Mari Bastashevski.  

June 18 Exhibition catalog entry for Yvette Granata's exhibition #d8e0ea: post-cyberfeminist datum at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo, NYC.

Summer 18 'The Great Sublimation.' Experimental science-fiction story by Dorothy Santos and Elia Vargas in VICE: Motherboard. Theoretical commentary. 

Summer 18 'Envenoment 4Q184.' Article collaboration with Yvette Granata on philosophy and serpent vision for Void Front Press.  

Fall 18 'Apocalyptic Memes for the Anthropocene God: Mediating Crisis and the Memetic Body Politic.' Chapter in Post-Memes (Punctum Press) on memes of the Anthropocene, apocalyptic politics, and social / environmental crisis.