Since 2014, Bogna has collaborated with the Five Flavours Film festival, the only annual festival in Poland to present cinema from East, Southeast and South Asia. For ten consecutive years, Five Flavors has been at the forefront of contemporary cinema culture, focusing especially on the intersection between media, cinema, culture and social issues. Hosting a number of renowned Asian filmmakers and artists, it routinely opens up discussions around national identity, politics, culture and media. 

In 2014 and 2015, Bogna was part of the festival's People's Jury project and in 2016 she chaired it. For the festival, she taught a ten-day long  workshop on critical video essay practice and the relation between national cinema & media cultures and global politics. Eleven young Polish film critics and enthusiasts took part in the project.

Read Bogna's intro to the 10th People's Jury here (in Polish). 

She has since occasionally worked as a translator for the festival, including official press materials, as well as interviewed a number of film-makers. 



The accompanying  publication Silent Explosion. New Cinema of East and Southeast Asia was published by Arteria Art Foundation, the organizer of Five Flavours Film Festival, in co-operation with Korporacja Ha!art. It includes Bogna's celebrated article The Colonizers Always Win? Southeast Asian Cinema as the Crossroads. The book won the prestigious Book of the Year award at the Polish Film Institute.

"This trailblazing book devoted to the cinematographies of East and Southeast Asia, published for the 10th edition of Five Flavours Film Festival, shows the current film trends in a wide cultural, historical and social perspective. The authors describe the most interesting phenomena in this fast-developing region: the local aesthetics, the rootedness in cultural traditions, and the global trends which radically change the ways of film industry. They inspect the Korean popculture, the murky poetics of Thai horrors, the strength of Indonesian action cinema, and the irresistible charm of independent Japanese films, highlighting the undervalued phenomena which redefine the language of contemporary cinema."

Buy the book here. Click here for more info (in Polish).