Spring - Winter 19 Part of Mediated Environments, an interdisciplinary research lab in Poland.

Spring 19 Matrices: Cybernetic Cultures Research Unit & Its Legacies, a workshop a the University of Amsterdam.

May 19 Platforms, Play and Cartography: The Political Unconscious of Digital Landscapes. Seminar and workshop, University of Amsterdam. With Peter Nelson.

Spring 19 “Unlearning Habitual Cosmologies: Reading Stanislaw Lem at the Event Horizon,” Flugschriften, ed. Dominic Pettman, vol. 4.

Summer 19 Panel organiser at European Network for Cinema and Media Studies annual conference, “It’s not ‘climate change,’ it’s everything change”: Media, platforms, philosophy, and the geopolitical crisis. Presentation of a project, The Climate Unconscious and Computer Game Landscapes with Peter Nelson.

Autumn 19 Talk at the Erfurt New Materialism conference, Philo-fiction and Climate Nihilism: Realism across Non-philosophy and Literary theory.

Winter 19 Post-colonial/Post-Soviet/Post-Earth. A workshop in media theory at the University of Amsterdam.

Winter 19 Climate Change Goes Live or, Capturing Life? For a Blue Media Studies. Article in Symploke: A Journal of Theoretical Humanities.

Winter 19 On Post-Soviet Cyberfeminism: Cybernetic Governance. 25 MFRU Festival, Maribor, Slovenia.

Winter 19 Determination from the Outside: Teledildonics, Stigmata and Remote Cybersex. Article in Sum Journal.

Winter 19. Smart Oceans, Alien Times: Octopi Engineering. Catalogue essay for Alice dos Reis exhibition @ Museum Serralves, Portugal.

Winter 19 Apocalyptic Memes for the Anthropocene God: Mediating Crisis and the Memetic Body Politic. Chapter in Post-Memes (Punctum Press).

20 Animal Cameras: Virtual Reality and Factory Farming. Book chapter in Interfacing Nature, ed. Dustin Breitling and Vit Bohal.

20 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Interactive Media Arts as NYU Shanghai.

20 Official launch of Oraxiom: A Journal of Non-Philosophy. Editorial board & editor for inaugural issue, 'The End Times.' 

20 Beyond the Silicon Valley: On Post-Soviet Cyberfeminist Civic Electoral Software. Chapter for a book ‘Cybermedia’ (Bloomsbury).

20 Machine Mystique: Deep-Learning Metal. A chapter forthcoming in Black Metal Rainbows, ed. Stanimir Panayatov.