13 is a collaboration with artist Steph Overs.

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It premiered as an audio-visual performance at Floating Projects, Hong Kong in February 2016. 

It was then exhibited as an installation at FirstDraft in Sydney, July 2016.

“Every book of philosophy should be like science-fiction… philosophy is the theatre of the future.” (Gilles Deleuze)

13 is a minimal prophecy, an ascetic spell, an apophatic intervention. 13 anticipates philosophy as an emergent quality of a ritual held in an ordinary space. 13 is a generic aesthetics in response to the grandiose scale of the Anthropocene. 13 acknowledges that the world if full of persons, only some of whom are human. 

The birth of what Felix Guattari calls the new “ethico-aesthetic” paradigm capable of overturning capitalist powers begins with a revolution of mentalities, recorded in the body as prophecy, magic, or blasphemy. 13 seeks a carnal language suspended in the space of subdued ritual. The apocalyptic prophet Cassandra received her clairvoyant powers when Apollo spat in her mouth. 13 nests in the barren space of language; a landscape bearing fruit that cannot be sold, bought, or re-purposed. It lends itself to voices that have been cast into the shadows of modernity, subsumed under unifying “otherness” - to anyone who has been squandered by colonial, patriarchal, capitalist, or humanist powers.   

13 invites an ontological promiscuity, a realisation that saying "in other words” is not far from saying "in other worlds." This is the power of speculation.

August 2016,  firstdraft , Sydney

August 2016, firstdraft, Sydney

August 2016,  firstdraft , Sydney

August 2016, firstdraft, Sydney

February 2016,  Floating Projects , Hong Kong

February 2016, Floating Projects, Hong Kong