Between 2012-2014, Bogna was based in Amsterdam and curated various film events. These include collaborations with OT301 non-profit, for which she curated national cinema nights, EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam for the Medical Experimental project which explored the intersection of the medical sciences and the moving image, and a series of screenings at Kriterion cinema, devoted to the relation between neuro-science and film.




In 2014 Bogna was one of the lead curators and producers of the first film-poetry festival in the NetherlandsReVersed. This event was supported with a grant from the Amsterdam Fonds oor de Kunst, and made possible with the participation of OT301 non-profit, Perdu literary foundation, and Kriterion cinema. 

"Re-Versed Poetry Film Festival is launching its first edition, inviting artists, poets and filmmakers to explore the intersection between poetry and film. With its scope encompassing screenings, performances and talks, Re-versed is the first festival in the Netherlands to focus on the poetry film genre. Co-hosted by Perdu, Kriterion and OT301, it seeks both to illuminate the growing field of poetry film as well as to broaden it by providing an opportunity for filmmakers to participate in an open call for submissions.

A filmic equivalent of poetry, poetry film is distinct from a poetic film in its aesthetic: it incorporates text, whether written or spoken, within its frames – a poem taking shape on screen. We invite you to explore the emerging field of poetry filmmaking: although most notably outlined by Tom Konyves’ manifesto and Alastair Cook’s Filmpoem project, it remains an open-ended area, an opportunity for experimentation. The works carried out in most innovative and creative ways will be screened and awarded at the festival. A jury will select the prize-winning films.