Sisternhood is a limited edition poetry anthology. 

Accompanied by a video-art and a multimedia performance.

The book features contributions by: 

Bogna M. Konior
Lora Nouk
Fabienne Rachmadiev
Lara Schoorl
Nora Turato
Nadia de Vries

Limited edition of 200 copies. 

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"A village," he said, "thank

God," he said, "I thought

we would never." The hills

then looked up, virtually

a sentence of death for

us, it was hard to tell

that the men were

approaching directly

from the jungle. "It

will be easy enough,"

he said, "you have done

it a hundred times before."

Wind-borne leaves sting

our bodies like wasps.

Soon enough, the village

locks itself in, now

Self-sufficient, this thought

threatens our very existence.

He runs his fingers through

the grass, and then through me,

"It's a bit degrading," he

says, "but I have the right

to ask you to do it," he says.

Sisternhood  video stills, 2016

Sisternhood video stills, 2016