Bogna M. Konior works across writing, scholarship, as well as cultural and creative industries. She currently researches how media, culture and technology interact with sweeping geo-social challenges, such as climate change or species extinction, which alter current axioms of humanity, technology and political agency. She is especially interested in contemporary realist and cyber/tech/feminist philosophy and social theory.

She is the Media and Technology editor at the Hong Kong Review of Books, the editor of Oraxiom: A Journal of Non-Philosophy, and a Research Fellow at the  International Research Institute for Cultural Techniques and Media Philosophy at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. In 2016, she was a visiting researcher in Media and Culture at the ICON Center for the Humanities at the University of Utrecht. She publishes widely across academic and popular venues, on the subjects of media, climate change, contemporary philosophy, as well as post-globalist collapse cultures. Her recent work is published in Transformations: Journal of Media and Culture and in Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture. Her collaborative work exploring theory in the Anthropocene has been exhibited internationally, including at Tuning Speculations in Toronto and First Draft in Sydney. She collaborated with film festivals internationally as a curator and a producer, including the Five Flavour Film Festival in Warsaw and the ReVersed: Poetry-film Festival in Amsterdam. She holds a BA in Film Studies (Theory and Practice), a RMa in Media Studies, a PhD in Cultural Analysis, and was previously teaching classes in media and culture at the Lingnan University and the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Contact: bognakonior at gmail dot com

>Recent free writing<


November 18 The Future of Demonstrations, Season 2. Click. Segment on ‘Supra-Citizenship.’

Winter 18 Apocalyptic Memes for the Anthropocene God: Mediating Crisis and the Memetic Body Politic. Chapter in Post-Memes (Punctum).

Nov 18 - Jan 19 Research Fellow at the International Research Institute for Cultural Techniques and Media Philosophy (IKKM) at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Click.

2019 'Envenoment 4Q184.' Article collaboration with Yvette Granata on philosophy and serpent vision for Void Front Press.  

2019 Official launch of Oraxiom: A Journal of Non-Philosophy. Editorial board & editor for inaugural issue, 'The End Times.' 

2019 Tbd book chapter in The Diseases of the Head: Essays at the Intersection of Speculative Philosophy and Speculative Horror (Punctum).

2019 Beyond the Silicon Valley: On Post-Soviet Cyberfeminist Civic Electoral Software. Chapter for a book ‘Cybermedia’ (press tbd).

2019 Book chapter for the official Five Flavors Asian film festival on contemporary geo-political moving images in Hong Kong.