Bogna M. Konior works across a broad range of fields, from media and advertising, to art and culture curation, to academic research and teaching. Her focus is on how media and technology interact with large-scale, sweeping social, political and cultural changes. 

She is currently based in Hong Kong, where she teaches film, media and cultural theory. 

Contact: bognakonior at gmail dot com


Feb 18 Article in Identities on media intellectualism, Polish politics and the self-immolation of Piotr Szczesny.

March 18 Comparative Literature Association, Annual Meeting, Los Angeles. Sick Women, Planetary Vulnerability and the Politics of Pain, panel organizer. Presentation on political practices inherent in visualizing climate data in contemporary media.

April 18 Article in Hong Kong Review of Books on how the Internet and social media aided in the creation of Hong Kong's first modern suicide club.

Summer 18 Article collaboration with Yvette Granata on the intersection of media technologies and serpent vision for Void Front Press.  

Fall 18 Five Flavours Film Festival. Book chapter on new media, political cinema and Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement.

Fall 18 Punctum Books. Chapter in Post-Memes on memes, crisis, politics and social disintegration.